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The Big Star in DAMME

The Big Star DAMME picture
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

The Big Star DAMME picture:
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This double house exist of two parts.The left part is the oldest. There the outer wall piers (that let think of Brugian spans) have still a function as real buttresses. The right part is more decorated, and there are more outer wall piers worked in.

In the interior there are still a few gothic chimneyhoods preserved.

Sjra Wagemans: 'The combination of this name and the image of a dog refers in my view to the star Sirius. After inquiry it seams that there is a story about it and it goes also about a big flood. This should have been caused by a black dog which was caught later and killed. I think that this story has to be seen differently.I am amateur arceologist and has studied also astronomy. Herunder my short vision of the significance of the name and the relation with the dog. Sirius is the brightest star that can be seen from the earth (in our vision a great star thus)and this is part of the astrological sign the Great Dog. Sirius was thge most important star by the Egyptians because the calendar was based on it. The star was also a symbol for the godess Isis. Isis was especially a godess that had to bring protection and was also venered by the Romans. By the romans Sirius was most important for the navigation. During the Roman time the native godess In Domburg(Zeeland) Nehalennia was adored in Domburg(Zeeland). This godess was often represented with a dog nearby her on the altars that were given for this godess by the commercants navigating to England.This dog represents the symbolic loyalty of the giver to the godess. But my means the star Sirius is represented with the dog. At that time it was usual to represent the brightest star as an arceological sign. Nehalennia had to protect the merchants on their way over the sea whereby Sirius was important as a star.This protecting function was replaced by the adoration of Mary (It is generally accepted that the adoration of the godess Isis with her child Horus on her lap during the accendance of the Christianity was replaced by the adoration of Mary with her child Jesus). This is confirmed by the nomination of Mary as Star of the Sea or Stella Maris. This name of Mary is only there on those places that are important for the navigation. (In Netherland that is Maastricht, the scucheon of Maastricht has also a star with five points). We suggest that round the medievals also in Damme the relation between the adoration of Mary and the star Sirius was existing for the navigation. During the following desaster the protecting function of Mary and Sirius had failled. As good citysans a cause was searched therefore. Because Sirius is in the astrological sign Great Dog the symbolic signification of the dog was taken into the investigation. A dog had to be the offender for all . A black dog fitted very well into the explanation (think of the denomination of black magic). By killing the black dog this bad black magic could be stopped. This was the best solution for the citysans because the adoration of Mary was not in doubt and by killing the responsible an impression of security could be given that this disaster wouldn't happen again . So far anough about my vision about the signification of the denomination Great star and the image of the dog. I have also written an article about the Celtic horsegodess Epona. Also this godess had in the beginning nothing to do with horses, but was a godess of fertility in correlation withthe astrological sign Pegasus. This astrologial sign is to be seen during the automn as the winterseeds are sown. If you want more information I am alway disposed to send it to you. '