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1galery from Old Exchange - the RhineOld Exchange - the Rhine
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:16th century traditional architecture (maconry and sandstone), Late gothic, inner court, tower, galery, trilobate, trefoil tracery, belvédère, capital, pillar, corbeling out, facade, Domien de Waghemakere
ANTWERP5.5 / 1515
2galery from Belfry and hallBelfry and hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Belfry, bell-tower, Hall, galery, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, carillon, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, pearspire, staircase turret, staircase tower, brick, wall, bell, stepped gable
TIELT5.7 / ~ 1450
3galery from Railway stationRailway station
Arch. Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Station, Tudorgothic, galery, arched corbel course, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, brick, Jean-Pierre (Jan Pieter) Cluysenaar
AALST5.4 / 1852
4galery from Koninginnegalerij (Galerie de la Reine)Koninginnegalerij (Galerie de la Reine)
Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Illuminated, New Renaissance, galery, glass roof, fronton, pilaster, cylinder, Jean-Pierre (Jan Pieter) Cluysenaar
BRUSSELS5.6 / ~ 1837
5galery from In GroeningeIn Groeninge
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:New Baroque, galery, bullion (oculus), volute, facade, balustrade, railing, gable, cross-bar frame, Charles De Wulf
BRUGES5.3 / ~ 1904
6galery from Leopold II galleryLeopold II gallery
Arch. William Hansen
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Pavillion, Eclectism, galery, cast iron, pillar, capital, William Hansen
SPA5.7 / 1878
7University Of Leuven's Central Library
Keywords:Library, Renaissance, Baroque, spire, gable, open work, tower, obelisk, galery, shellwork, saddleback roof, tabernacle, fronton, dripstone moulding, dormer, baluster, engaged column, inbedded column, statue (as an ornament), half-relief, facade, volute, semi-circular (round) arch, pillar, pier, festoon, swag, bust, Whitney Warren, Koning Leopold III, Koning Albert I, Jean Dampt, Elisabeth
8galery from Carolus Borromeus ChurchCarolus Borromeus Church
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Baroque, stuccowork, high altar, main altar, pillar order, coffer, belt arch, pulpit, Dorian colons, organ, Corinthian column, Ionic colons, apse, apsis, baroque porche, portal, confessional, painting, wood-carving, wood-engraving, baroque façade, galery, statue (as an ornament), nave, flanking aisle, side aisle, tower, marble, pilaster, chapel (in church or other building), painted ceiling, pinnacle, Jezuïten, Jan Peter van Baurscheit de Oudere, Jozef Druart, Pieter Paul Rubens, Michiel. Senior van der Voort (ook Vervoort), de Nole
ANTWERP5.7 / 1615
9galery from CityhallCityhall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Late classicism, Empire, Corinthian column, bust, galery, baluster, gilt, pillar, pier, Belgian limestone or bluestone, tabernacle, pillar, balcony, fronton, breastwork, parapet, painting, Drossaert, Pieter Paul Rubens, Anton (Anthonie) van Dyck
TIENEN5.6 / 1635
10galery from Belfry or bell-tower of BrugesBelfry or bell-tower of Bruges
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Belfry, bell-tower, City view, Illuminated, Hall, Gothic, Renaissance, open truss, belfry window, inner court, carillon, galery, bell, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, crenel (merlon), crenelation, battlement, guerite tower, turret, balcony, copper, corbeling out, breastwork, parapet, pointed arch, lancet, stone, round gallery, open work, pinnacle, flying buttress, tracery, pointed arched corbel course, Lanceloot Blondeel
11Our Ladies' Heart and Margareth's church
Keywords:Church, Neo-Romanesque, galery, confessional, tower, organ, semi-circular (round) arch, tabernacle, Josef Ritzen
12galery from Sikkel behindSikkel behind
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Renaissance, tower, inner court, brick facade, galery, belvédère, mouldings, sandstone, horizontalising effect, Charles van Rysselberghe
GHENT5.2 / ~ 1550
13galery from Borze van AmsterdamBorze van Amsterdam
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Renaissance, Baroque, cross-bar frame, mouldings, galery, gable, spire, pillar, semi-circular (round) arch
AALST5.5 / ~ 1630
14galery from NewerckNewerck
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Late gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, galery, medaillon, pointed arch, tabernacle, sculpture, statue (as an ornament)
IEPER5.8 / 1619
15galery from JeruzalemkerkJeruzalemkerk
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Church, Chapel, Late gothic, mausoleum, crypt, galery, brick facade, lancet, altar, pointed arch, open work, nave, choir, chancel, tracery, oak wood
16galery from Court of BusleydenCourt of Busleyden
Picture by Jos Henckens

Keywords:Gothic, Late gothic, Renaissance, galery, brick, basket-handle arch, pearspire, sandstone, balustrade, railing, falchion motif, Keldermans
17galery from FarmFarm
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Gentry fram, anchor, galery
18galery from Monument voor Leopold IMonument voor Leopold I
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Statue, Neo-gothic, Scheldt Gothic, spire, crocket, ogive or ogee arch, galery, flying buttress, breastwork, parapet, pillar, open work, bud capital, crocket capital, gargouille, finial, statue (as an ornament), baldachin (canopy), gablet, trilobate, trefoil tracery, vault, buttress, lancet, pinnacle, gilt, tabernacle, cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, clustered column, Louis de Curte, Willem Geefs
19galery from City Hall (Count house)City Hall (Count house)
Picture by Johan De Bock

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Maas Renaissance, Baroque, wolfed roof, galery, turret, cross-bar frame, pillar, tabernacle, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, statue (as an ornament)
20galery from Rubens' houseRubens' house
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Museum, Baroque, 16th century traditional architecture (maconry and sandstone), ring colon, arbour, attic, recessed balcony, loggia, sandstone, portico, tabernacle, statue (as an ornament), painting, galery, wing, aisle, portrait, inner court, fronton, cross-bar frame, Pieter Paul Rubens, Jan Boeckhorst, Hans van Mildert
21galery from JubelparkcomplexJubelparkcomplex
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Triumphal arc, Museum, pillar, galery, bronze, statue (as an ornament), Charles Girault, Gédéon Bordiau, Thomas Vinçotte, Jef Lambeaux
22galery from Eld town hallEld town hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Hall, Maas Renaissance, galery
PEER5.6 / 1637
23galery from Alden BiesenAlden Biesen
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, Castle, Church, Orangery, tithe barn, galery, Duitse Orde
24galery from Royal GreenhousesRoyal Greenhouses
Arch. Alphonse Balat
Picture by Bart Van Oudenhove

Keywords:Orangery, Pavillion, Art Nouveau, glass cupola, galery, iron, cast iron, steel, Alphonse Balat
BRUSSEL5.3 / 1876
25galery from Town hallTown hall
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Renaissance, Gothic, basket-handle arch, fronton, Ionic colons, pearspire, volute, Brugian span, facade, obelisk, galery, brick, arch, tower, fourcentred arch, Tudor arch, Lieven Lucas
VEURNE5.8 / 1596
26galery from Small HallSmall Hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Hall, galery
27galery from Provincial CourtProvincial Court
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Post office, Illuminated, Neo-gothic, facade, white stone, bay, span, guerite tower, turret, Belgian limestone or bluestone, galery, crocket, tracery, brick, hip, staircase turret, staircase tower, spire, cresting, fret, finial, breastwork, parapet, scutcheon, armorial bearings, coat of arms, saddleback roof, recessed balcony, loggia, open work, lancet, round gallery, Louis Delacenserie, Pierre Buyck, Jules Homère Martin Coomans
BRUGES5.7 / 1887
28galery from Town hallTown hall
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Town hall, city hall, Belfry, bell-tower, Brabantion Gothic, Late gothic, statue (as an ornament), cross ribvaulting, diagonal rib vault, corbelstone, baldachin (canopy), gargouille, tower, facade, cresting, fret, ridge, apex, sculpture, saddleback roof, galery, dormer, breastwork, parapet, sandstone, gallery, open work, trilobate, trefoil tracery, balcony, lancet, ledestone, balegemstone, Hendrik van Pede (van Pee)
OUDENAARDE5.7 / 1526
29galery from Institute of the Ursulines (in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver )Institute of the Ursulines (in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver )
Picture by Eddy Van Leuven

Keywords:Abbey, convent, monastery, School, university, Garden, parc, Church, Chapel, Art Nouveau, Neo-gothic, Neo-classicism, Neo-Romanesque, Empire, leaded windows, glass roof, arbour, tunnel vault (barrel vault), staircase turret, staircase tower, crypt, nave, calvary, galery, triforium, Eduard Careels, Ursulinen
30galery from Hof van GruuthuuseHof van Gruuthuuse
Picture by Johan Mares (@Belgiumview)

Keywords:Museum, Palace, Statue, Gothic, Neo-gothic, dormer, Brugian span, pointed arch, stone, pointed gable, tympanum, breastwork, parapet, cross-bar frame, galery, tabernacle, tunnel vault (barrel vault), console, modillion, bracket, Louis Delacenserie
31galery from Guildhall of the bowmenGuildhall of the bowmen
Picture by Jan Boeykens (@Quernus)

Keywords:Guildhall, Late gothic, guerite, brick, staircase turret, staircase tower, well, wing, aisle, galery, Louis Delacenserie
BRUGES5 / ~ 1553